White on White

One of my card challenges recently was white on white.   This is NOT easy, yet its not hard either!   I think its a mental hurdle of getting over the need for colour.  

Embossed matting that had a hole punched out.  You could have put any shape in there or even a sentiment, but I went with the flying things theme and chose a butterfly.

I found the replacement for colour was texture.   This is when some raised embossing came into its own.   And layering.  

I actually really enjoyed the white on white look and was rather disappointed when I realised I'd burned the midnight oil and if I didn't go to bed immediately I would imminently be turned into a pumpkin! ;)  (Please tell me you say that sort of thing in your house or otherwise I am going to sound pretty silly)!

Without further ado... here are some white on whites to encourage you to try it too!

All white matting and layering.. and embellishing.

A Christmas snowflake theme.  Embossed matting, a snowflake punch and white twine both over a fine organza white ribbon.

An opportunity to use some of those embossing folders!   Emboss white scraps and then punch out squares. Raised embossing can stretch the cardstock, so cut after embossing rather than before.  One square is left plain with the twine around it.

Double matting, the top one embossed.   A white heart punched out and attached.  I could have left it like that but it needed just a little more and I think the little pearls make it special.


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