Using Ribbons

A tiled background of patterned paper is the background for a matted focal with a simple stamp and embellished by a little satin ribbon.

I'm not a fussy sort of girl (hmm at the top of my 40s I don't know whether the term 'girl' is applicable any more...) but I do like ribbons.  I don't often use them, but I do like them.  I have a whole tub of them.   A very, very full, push down the lid sort of full, medium sized tub of them.   They are sure to come in handy, one day!  

I will admit to using a few ribbons on tags - the addition of the ribbon really dresses them up.   With cards though I tend to stick to a simple line of ribbon.  Although unexpectedly a bow sometimes appears....

A simple stamped card gets the extra treatment with a line of pom pom ribbon!

Ribbons add a great touch to tags - whether they get used for being tied on, or just as an embellishment.

A ribbon and bow finish off this card which otherwise would have been too simple and rather empty!

Another line of ribbon adds enough extras by itself.  Doing this card I learned that grossgrain ribbon needs to be attached ALL the way along, otherwise it looks a bit wavy where it is and isn't attached!   Just keep in mind I am a keen hobbyist and NOT a professional at this (a professional would have redone this one before showing it I'm sure)!

Kapow.!!!!!! Where did that big bow come from ???   I needed a red ribbon and the only one in the right shade I could find was this one... too big, but I'm sure someone will like it (fingers crossed)!


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