Finding What You Like

Twin 1 made this by sponging the stamp with different coloured inks and stamping that image.   The label has also been sponged to "match".

If you've been making cards for a while you will find you are repeatedly drawn to a couple of techniques that will become your speciality.       I have been drawn to watercolouring and colouring although in my recent efforts in swaps and challenges mean that  I've been doing lots of different techniques.  While I still watercolouring  I am wondering if that will become my favourite.

Another creation by Twin 1  - this was an embossed sheet that she brayered with ink and then added embellishments.

It's a bit like men I guess ... you've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince... and with cards and papercrafting you have to try lots of techniques before you find the one for you.

Twin 1's effort at a regular sort of card.  On a pre-made base it looks great!

I actually thought my daughters had their favourites - Twin 1 I thought for sure was sponging, but looking through her creations I see she has done regular stamping with some colouring, sponging and a combination of raised embossing and using the brayer.  There is also evidence of heat embossing.  At school in art she is not a bad painter and her lino prints this year were impressive.   

Twin 2's attempt at sponging.   She used a variety of pink inks that she sponged onto the stamp.    She did one in blues as well :)

Twin 2 I was positive was just papercrafts but while she shows a penchant for using punched shapes a little more than her sister, she has also done sponging and embossing/brayering.   Her talents at school are a little more practical with things like woodwork, pottery and she has made some of her own stamps here at home, which have turned out extremely well. 

Twin 2 - she raised embossed a sheet, brayered it with ink, cut it up and glued it onto a card base.

So now I just don't know!   I guess they're tweens and they don't know either! 

Twin 2 - using mostly punched shapes to create her own vision.   With a liberal sprinkling of Dazzling Diamonds its appears too!


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