Starting out cardmaking

OK, now if you're just starting out making cards/stamping (and I will concentrate on that for the moment since that's mostly what we do there),  here is a list of what you should get so that you can dive in... this list is a bit more reasonable than my initial list as some things (although I love) I really don't use that regularly.  You will of course add to this list as you try things out or branch out into different directions.

  • White or off white cardstock or premade cardbases
  • A pad of pretty papers, at least 6x6" size.
  • A guillotine or paper trimmer
  • A scoring tool and ruler - update this to a scoring board later.
  • A craft mat
  • A roll of double sided tape or a small double sided tape dispenser
  • A small bottle of PVA type glue
  • A stamp set of greetings
  • A stamp set of flowers or whatever sort of images you think you would use
  • If you are using cling mount stamps (not mounted on wood) you will need acrylic blocks for the stamps to cling to when you use them.
  • A couple of different coloured ink pads or ink markers that you can use instead
  • A punch that will fit most of your greetings.
  • A small selection of embellishments
  • Cleaning fluid and pad to clean your stamps

Most of these general supplies (except stamps & cleaners, punch and possibly inks) can be found in your local Big W, $2 shop, Officeworks, Spotlight or local newsagent.  You may even have some of the supplies in or on your office desk - have a look!

You will find your first creations won't be that adventurous... this card for example was about the 2nd card I ever made....

....but by the 4th, see how much I've improved as I started to experiment and to look at other people's creations on Google, Pinterest and interest group websites.

I joined an interest group with a monthly challenge that has been great for stretching my boundaries and encouraging me to try new techniques and looks.

Here are 2 cards the girls made (age 12) a few cards in and almost a year ago to the day.   It's definitely a craft where you can see improvement quickly!


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