Just Add Glitter...

I do love glitter... anything that sparkles is good!!  My background in jewellery is totally to blame.  When I had twin girls after a boy, I was told to get ready for lots of pink and lots of glitter.  Boy were they right!  (Although only one of the girls likes pink, the other refused to wear it for years out of principle... but they both love glitter).   This is one of my girl's favourite quotes...(she is her mother's daughter!)

Glitter is one of those things I always had in my tub of crafty items.   I remember making masks for a masked ball (pre-kids so about 20 years ago) and painted the masks in paint and then covered them in glitter :)    I've still got some of that glitter from 20 years ago... so it obviously lasts and a little bit can go a loooonggg way.  Think about that next time you go for the big jar!!

Since finding stamping and cardmaking there is even more opportunity to use glitter.   And of course you have to have some different types - chunky, fine and of course different colours - every shade of blue for example!   And the best glitter EVER is Stampin'Up!'s Dazzling Diamonds.  It is fine blend of silver, gold and white and maybe some other colours too... but the result is stunning!

As always, I don't go overboard with embellishments... so I will often add glitter in small portions - like in the christmas card above - I have stamped it and then dabbed some 2 in 1 glue over the roof and at the base of the house and sprinkled some Dazzling Diamonds on it.

But you can also create images in glitter.   Its much the same as embossing with one extra step.  

You will need:
Versamark pad
Heat & Stick powder
3 sheets of clean paper to catch glitter and powder
Heat gun

Once again, have everything ready to go.    Stamp the image onto your piece of cardstock with versamark ink.   Sprinkle with heat & stick powder (and recap it).  Shake and flick off excess powder.  Remove sheet with powder away from where you are working.    Heat with heat gun till the heat and stick powder which is white, turns clear.   Sprinkle image liberally with glitter (and recap it).   Shake and flick off excess glitter.    Remove sheet with excess glitter.   Heat image briefly to set.   Funnel excess glitter back into its container and the same with the excess heat & stick powder.

Some people also use a glue pad to add a stamped image - purely stamping with the glue pad and then sprinkling glitter over.   I've tried this (as its obvioulsy quicker) -  it works okay, but will lose some glitter over time.
Now go forth and add glitter! 


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