Fun Papercrafting

Cardmaking is great, I love it.  Each card is achievable in a reasonable amount of time (unless it all goes terribly wrong), they are small creations that give satisfaction to the maker and joy to the recipient.     They are a good excuse to buy papers, stamps, inks, punches et al.  

Papercrafting is a whole other ball game.  It is defined as the art of making something, usually three dimensional and artistic in form, from paper.  So cardmaking is really just a small portion of papercrafting.   

You can still use many of the same supplies, but your creations may be more along a project line, more time consuming - but once again satisfying and enjoyable!

One of my daughters (Twin 2) in particular loves to make things from paper and cardstock... and I'm not immune to her excitement :) 

We found the wonderful website where she has a fabulous array of video tutorials teaching how to make some very useful objects from papers (as well as cards).   The first one we tackled was a simple card holder.  Our cards prior to this were a real mess.  Now we've made a few each and our card stash is far more orderly!   This would also be great as a gift - the holder with some cards and envelopes.

Ooops, I moved the ribbon and made it look crooked - its only adhered at the back so its moveable!

Inspired by our success, Twin 2 embarked on the next project from the Pootles site... and it was a project as it took hours.

The first step was making the mini cartons.  She made three and then talked her sister into making the other three.     She also took the role of expert after making her three, instructing her sister with relatively good grace.    Then she made the holder.  

She let her imagination fly with these - although she followed the directions, the original design had everything matching.  No, she decided, each one needed to be different, with different stamps and as for the holder, she thought black and white was a much better idea as, don't you know, "black and white goes with everything".    She also punched a hole in the carrier to make it easier to carry.

I think she and her sister did a fabulous job!    The cartons with the fold back clips on are Twin 2's.  The holders with the ribbon were done by Twin 1.

It has received some limited use by filling some of the cartons with chocolate nuts for her father!

I wonder what our next "Pootles" project will be?


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