Pretty Patterned Papers

Everyone likes pretty papers... don't they!?  I remember oohing and aahing over pretty papers as a child and my favourite place in the newsagent was looking at writing pads in the stationery section... and then when I found stores that specialised in paper products I was just in heaven!   I still have a sheet of wrapping paper that I must have bought from Granny May's way back in the early 80s LOL.  It is way to pretty to use!!

Pretty papers definitely get an opportunity to show their worth in this sort of design - used as the matting sheet and as decoration :)  

So this latest obsession of mine has allowed me free reign to buy more pretty papers and I'm in heaven :)   Of course sometimes you have to use them, if for no other reason than then you can buy some more!

Patterned papers come in a variety of ways - some in pads usually 6x6", some A4 and mostly 12x12" and some come as loose sheets.   Some are double sided with different patterns on both sides and some plain white on the back.  Some are quite thin and some are almost as heavy as cardstock. 

If they're not too flimsy you can use them as your matting sheet :)    Here are some cards that feature papers.

This could have been stamped... but it wasn't its a nice paper instead :) 

Take the opportunity to use some funky papers if you keep the background plain :)

A cool vintage looking paper.  The biggest problem was finding a blank piece for the sentiment in the same shade of cream.


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