Welcome to my craft table :)  Actually I should clarify, its not just MY craft table as I share it with my twin tween aged daughters.   They are rather 'crafty' - as I am - and they love to sit down and make things in this little creative space. 

It didn't always look like this of course.  And I must say that the exceptional tidiness is rather rare.... as I look there now, there are some paintbrushes soaking in a jar of water, two stamp sets that hasn't been put away, a roll of stickytape, a pair of scissors, some cardstock.... you get the idea!   And whilst the shelves look much the same there are a few more punches shoved in, a few more ink pads stacked up...   to put a good spin on it, its a dynamic place and often needs a tidy!

A bit about me :   I grew up with a strong crafty streak. I was always making or drawing something, I adored going into shops that sold paper and stationary and way before the craft table was even thought of as a possibility I kept useful bits and bobs in a craft tub - bits of ribbon, some pretty paper, a sheet of stickers, some craft wire and beads, glues, tape, paint, coloured pencils.... oh and toilet roll cardboard tubes.  For a while there, my first child, a boy, made amazing creations from cardboard boxes, empty cardboard toilet rolls and tape.   LOTS of tape.

He's still pretty crafty, but at age 16 and in Year 11, he's more into making swords from scrap metal, a carbon fibre case for his recurve bow and he's currently learning to make arrows...

My daughters, whilst on occasion going to the shed and using big tools, and doing woodwork at school, are happy, most of the time, to spend their creative time at the craft table.  Usually doing paper crafts of some type, but one is also capable of doing a spot of sewing so some rather cute, if unusual toys, come from that source!

I have spent the last 12 years of my available creative time making gemstone and pearl jewellery as I trained as a gemmologist and can't get enough of their beauty.  I still get a lot of creative satisfaction from making jewellery but a chance purchase of a reindeer stamp about 18 months ago started an avalanche of mainly stamping supplies...and a new obsession was born.... and the need for a dedicated Craft Table!

So, I will  show the latest creations from ourCraft Table - from myself and my girls (and my boy if he's game!) - and lets see where it takes us!


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