The easiest card EVER

Some cards seem to take hours to make - they are satisfying and fill a creative need, but you sure don't get many made if you're short of time!

I needed to post a little something to a friend this week and needed a thank you card, so whipped this one up in a few minutes.  And whilst plain, it is eye catching, quite modern and has some sparkle!

For this super-easy card I used a white card base and added another layer of white card to the inside for writing on.   I also topped the front of the card with another layer of white.  (I really think they should make heavier card available - I love the heavyweight feel of a couple layers of card, but would be great if I didn't have to keep adding layers to get it!).    Then using the Bigshot I did two diecuts.  A nice large circle that covered a good portion of the width of the card, in gold glitter cardstock <3   And a thanks word die in white card.   As glitter card can be a bit dodgy to stick things to on its rough surface, I used glue dots in various spots along the back of the word and it stuck beautifully.  I then attached dimensionals (foam tape) to the back of the glittery circle to add more depth to the card and attached it slightly to the top.   I considered mounting it smack in the centre, but felt then I should trim the height of the card, so slightly to the top it is!

Here are two more versions of the same idea - one with a smaller gold circle suitable for the size of the sentiment.  

The other is slightly different, using a white card panel of raised embossed dots and the thankyou die was used on gold cardstock.  I do love this clean white and gold look - I think it might turn out to be my fallback option for a quick card, no matter the occasion!

This is the sort of card you can make half a dozen of in half an hour with different sentiments and you will always have a suitable card to hand.

Till next,


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