Some masculine cards...

Its been a long time between card making sessions!   I have had no time until recently to play at the Craft Table and I'm sure I've felt the lack.

Cards for men are SO hard to do.  You don't want to be too girly in colours or theme and most stamps from Stampin Up (of which most of mine are) seem to be more girly.   But guys deserve cards just like women do... after all they do have birthdays and other occasions like the rest of us! So here are three cards that could be used for men as well as women. 

I bought the Sky is the Limit set last year and haven't really used it much, but love it in this card.  I used white cardstock for the square card base and topped the inside with black card and more white card, stamped with a Happy Birthday Greeting.   The front of the card is about half width, topped with black cardstock and then crumpled silver paper that has been smoothed out.   The stamped panel is black card with the white card front, stamped with the biplane stamp from the set.   (Sorry about the photos, it was a little late in the afternoon and the white card looks a little blue).   Whilst it doesn't have a full front, the aeroplane panel covers sufficient of whatever would be written inside.

This next card is suitable for either a gent or a woman - in lovely autumn tones.   This card is very fast to make and stamp using the Sheltering Tree set from Stampin Up.  

 The tree trunks were stamped in brown and I picked a variety of colours for the autumn leaves,  a burgundy, 2 greens (one a limeish colour - kiwi kiss perhaps) and orange. I have double stamped the leaves in different tones to add that true look of autumn with leaves changing colours.  

Made on a white card base, the front has a matted layer of textured green card and the stamped image on white card.  The inside also has another white card layer for that lovely heavy card feeling :)

This card could once again go to either a woman or man.   In muted green tones its inoffensive and could be suitable for a general hello, thanks or even a sympathy card - without a sentiment stamped into it, it is versatile.

With a white card base I cut a mat layer of green topped with the white card again, each 0.5cm smaller than the layer before to give a nice even frame when together.  

For the stamped images I used the retired Summer Silhouettes, stamping each image twice without reinking in between to give the faded look of something in the background.   I then punched the images out with the small tag punch and mounted them on the same green card as the mat layer using the large tag punch.   Then to assembly.    Adding the white card top to the green mat layer, I then wrapped some thin green organza ribbon around these two layers and taped them into place.   I added the punched shapes to the card, over the ribbon, with dimensionals (foam tape).    Then I mounted the front layers to the card base, and added the mat layers inside the card as well.

Till next,


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