“Smooshing” watercolours

Getting all inspired by other people’s creativity I have been watching video tutorials on different techniques and of course had to try some of them out!

This one was called “smooching” by the instructor…. Its perhaps not its technical term, but it is an apt description!   To create this card I cut a piece of watercolour paper, then selected an acrylic block that would fit well on the sheet, and with my Stampin Up markers, coloured in the block roughly with blue and 2 green markers.  I then spritzed the block liberally with water and turned the block, marker side down onto my watercolour paper.   I pressed down and “smooshed” it a bit then placed something heavy on it for about 5 minutes, which apparently makes the colours more intense.

Five minutes later I had a sheet of watercolour paper with a nice rectangle of blue and green and spent 15 minutes trying to find a suitable stamp to use over that might look like grass and sky.   I selected these rather adorable deer – mother and baby by the looks of it.  By this time the watercolour paper was dry, so I stamped the deer with dark brown ink, and using 2 different brown inks, coloured in the deer with those inks and a wet brush.   It worked really well, but is such a quiet sort of card it needed a suitably quiet sentiment and “thinking of you” suited it, which was stamped in green ink, matching the green cardstock base.    

Note that watercolour paper is heavy and will often warp after being quite wet or heated, so I adhered it to the cardbase with the red, super heavy duty double sided tape.


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